2019/03/07 For once we see green.
Thank you very much for the excellent work Silvia and Team Tessin!

2019/01/31 Retirement of Mrs. Tiro. Many thanks for the 20 years of work with us!

2019/01/14 Many thanks to the companies Schulthess and Chemie AG. We look forward to the next Suisse Public 2020 with you on our side!!!

2018/12/14 Our wonderful, very funny and until the morning hours lasting Christmas Dinner. THANKS

2018/12/03 FW St. Margrethen: Leuchtkeprotec on its best



2018/12/03 Ville de Sion: FIREWarrior



2018/11/28 Photo shooting with FW Oberlunkhofen-Jonen 



2018/11/26 HAUTLE-Modulwagontest by FW Lyss 



2018/11/26 Visit of the industrial Fire Brigade Basel in our Production in Rancate…GRAZIE MILLE



2018/11/15&16 PSAgA Course… Nice People! See you next time!



2018/10/25 Sibling power (Roman’s missing on this Picture – Armins and Beas brother who was also helping a lot) 



2018/10/06 Official Inauguration of the Kleinst-TLF in Vättis incl. Demo. Vättis, or the Taminatal is worth a visit



2018/09/15 Visiting the main exercise of the St. Margrethen Fire Brigade, afterwards inauguration of the new fire protection clothing



2018/09/01 Opening of the St. Galler Fire-Brigade Museum DEPOT 61


2018/08/31 Vehicle handover to the Taminatal Firefighters



2018/08/16 Photo shoot FW Neuendorf SO

We cannot display this gallery



2018/07/18 Trip to the new Office

We cannot display this gallery



2018/07/02 Advancement FW Kirchberg Lütisburg

We cannot display this gallery



2018/06/30 Depot launch FW RTL

We cannot display this gallery



2018/06/30 Main exercise JFW Kirchberg

We cannot display this gallery



2018/06/26 FW Gommiswald

We cannot display this gallery


2018/06/22 Visiting the MSA Safety Day 2018 at the training centre Büren a.d. Aare


 2018/06/15 Delivery of the motorpump with the firebrigade RTL


 2018/06/09 Firebrigade-Icehockey tournament in Herisau


 Visiting the canoe world championships in Muota und meeting with the swift water rescue of the   firebrigade Basel


 2018/06/08 Visiting the construction site


 2018/06/06 Visiting Köniz


 2018/06/05 Visiting the firebrigade Oberägeri: presentation Permanent-Breathing air   monitoring


 Inauguration Ziegler-motorpump „ANITA“ with the firebrigade Balterswil-Bichelsee


 Doors open day with the firebrigade Frauenfeld 26.05.2018

 Movie night with NO WAY OUT


 Inauguration equipment cart and motorpump with trailer with the firebrigade Täuffelen BE


 Doors open day with the firebrigade St. Margrethen 05.05.2018


 Modification Unimog, firebrigade RTL


 04/07/2018 Inauguration equipment cart and motorpump with trailer with the firebrigade Flums

 ifa Balsthal

 Modification HLF firebrigade R-T-L SG

 Firebrigade Thierachern Regio BE

 Base firebrigade Teufen-Bühler-Gais AR

 Firebrigade Jonschwil Schwarzenbach SG


 Firebrigade Balterswil Bichelsee TG

 Eastern Swiss training center OFA

 Firebrigade Steinach SG

 Firebrigade Delémont JU

 Firebrigade Leerau AG

 Firebrigade Sattel SZ

 SPSL Lausanne 

 ECAB KGV Fribourg

 Firebrigade Oberbüren SG

 Firebrigade Zuzwil SG

 Sapeurs pompiers Genève Airport GE

 Base Firebrigade Schwyz SZ

 Firebrigade Goldach SG

 Firebrigade Oberägeri ZG

 Company Firebrigade Bern Belp

 Firebrigade Bad Ragaz SG

 Firebrigade Egg ZH

 Firebrigade Rued AG

 Firebrigade Niederbüren SG

 SBB company firebrigade

 Firebrigade Reitnau AG

 Firebrigade Fribourg FR

 Firebrigade Mörschwil SG

 Fire Service St. Gallen

 Firebrigade Gams SG


 Firebrigade Regio Aarberg BE