Firefighter clothing and equipment

Established over 40 years ago and located in St. Gallen, Switzerland the Gallus Hautle AG is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional firefighter clothing in Switzerland. We are very proud to equip many reputable customers and some of the largest firefighter corps in Switzerland such as the firefighter corps Basel, SIS Geneva, Airport Geneva, SIS Lausanne, SBB as well as many militia firefighter organizations throughout Switzerland.

Our new firefighter clothing product line FIREWarrior sets highest standards with respect to personnel safety requirements, wearing comfort as well as design. Over a period of several years we developed and tested the new equipment in close cooperation with professional practitioners. Especially mentionable is the enhanced flexibility of the clothing, ensuring a maximum in liberty of actions in all kinds of situations. In addition, the usage of up-to-date high-tech materials and ongoing R&D activities as well as an open ear for market demand sets us in place to constantly delivery tailor-made solutions meeting the highest standards regarding safety requirements of our firefighter corps. Thanks to our own production facilities in Rancate, Switzerland we can quickly realize new ideas and can further guarantee prompt repairs as well as a 100% long-term insurance for additional deliveries.

In recent years, we furthermore enlarged our product portfolio, now covering the whole range of personnel safety equipment and high-quality technical firefighting & rescue equipment with additional technical services.

If you have any questions concerning our products or services or if you need any advice regarding firefighter clothing or rescue equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be very glad answering your questions and helping you finding an individually fitted solution.

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